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    About Dr. Emily Stopper aka “The Happy Dentist”
    About Emily “The Happy Dentist”
    Why do patients and other practicing dentists refer to Dr. Emily Stopper as “The Happy Dentist”? Because she’s found that elusive “sweet spot” that every dentist is chasing! 

    Her secret? She invested hundreds of hours to learn how to successfully implement sleep apnea solutions in her practice.  Dr. Stopper's goal is to help as many patients and their loved ones as possible.  She realizes she can help more patients by helping more dentists. She’s now teaching dentists nationwide how to transform their own lives along with those of their patients.
    Why do patients and other practicing dentists refer to Dr. Emily Stopper as “The Happy Dentist”? Because she’s found that elusive “sweet spot” that every dentist is chasing! Today she has ALL of the revenue and income she needs plus ALL of the free time to spend with her family that she wants.

    Her secret? She invested hundreds of hours and over $25,000 to learn how to market and upsell sleep apnea solutions in her practice. Earning $50,000+ in only 5 months, she’s now teaching dentists nationwide how to transform their own income, lifestyle and free time.
    Dr. Emily Stopper has been practicing dentistry for over 12 years. She is dedicated to maintaining a high level of knowledge and skill in the ever-changing field of dentistry. She does so throughout the year by attending advanced education courses presented by leading dentists all over the U.S. Dr. Stopper is especially passionate about helping patients who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea and she has a strong desire to help other dentists successfully implement sleep apnea treatment in their practices as well. Dr. Stopper lives in North Carolina mountains with her husband, Jason, and their 4 children. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and going to the beach every chance she gets.
    See what her patients are saying...
    “Six months ago I screened positive for sleep apnea. I stopped breathing 14 times an hour! Imagine the  effects on my heart and overall wellness. After  undergoing a very precise and scientific protocol to  treat sleep apnea [at Dr. Stopper’s dental office],  I am on my way to breathing all night long! The benefits  to my health were felt immediately… I rest better, sleep  more deeply and wake less through the night.” 
    -K. Hodgson

    “For years I slept in three-hour increments and several nights each week, I would lay in bed awake for hours in the middle of the night. I would wake up with my mouth and throat very dry. I tried a CPAP machine and couldn’t sleep at all because the equipment was so intrusive. I’m so thankful my new MD referred me to see Dr. Emily Stopper! Dr. Stopper fitted me for an oral appliance using her amazing 3D computers. The oral appliance has been amazing for me. I now sleep 5-6 hours straight and have much more energy during the day. My husband has really noticed the difference. If I forget to put it in, he hears me – Big difference!” 
    J. Whitlatch, 9/16/19
    My sleep guard was a game changer for my sleep apnea! The fitting process was quick, easy, and painless. Most nights I forget that I even have it in. It has been a wonderful product to use.” 
    S. Cox, 9/22/20
    “After being diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea, I decided to try an oral appliance instead of CPAP. I am very happy that I made that decision! I have been wearing my oral appliance for a few months now and I can tell a huge improvement in my quality of sleep. I am falling asleep faster, and I feel rested and ready to take on the day in the mornings. My snoring has also improved greatly. I am very happy with the treatment I have received from Dr. Stopper and her team!” 
    M. Neaves, 10/19/20
    “I have worn my oral appliance for two years now. I sleep better and feel more rested when I wake. My sleep test numbers have improved significantly! I wish I had gotten my appliance sooner!!! Dr. Stopper and her staff are awesome to work with.” 
    T. Graham
    “I was not able to tolerate the Bi-PAP mask for sleep apnea for several reasons. My neurologist recommended Dr. Stopper and fortunately, I was a good candidate for the dental appliance. It is much more tolerable than the BiPAP. My wife notices great success in treating the sleep apnea as well... much less snoring and better quality of sleep. Anyone with sleep apnea who does not tolerate CPAP/BiPAP should consider a dental appliance!” 
    H. Koch, 12/7/20
    “Using an oral appliance for sleep apnea has resulted in a major improvement in both my physical and emotional health. No more snoring and no more waking up in the morning feeling tired and sleepy. Nightmares have almost disappeared because my body's alert system is no longer triggered to wake me up to breathe. Going to sleep with peace of mind that I no longer will be experiencing apnea is wonderful!” -
    J. Parsons, 9/24/19
    “When I first came for a consultation with Dr. Stopper, I was exhausted all the time and no one would believe that I woke up gasping every night because I don’t fit the typical weight profile of someone with sleep apnea. As a thin person, I was dismissed by other healthcare providers and no one would even look in my throat. The office staff did a series of simple tests that quickly identified potential problems with my throat structure. Now, I have a mouthguard that keeps my airway open and I sleep like a kid again. I appreciate the staff at Mountain Town Dental for believing me and giving me my energy back.” 
    J. Nicklaw, 1/8/20
    “I am very well pleased with the sleep appliance and how it has improved my quality of sleep. The comfortability and ease of use makes this appliance highly recommended!” 
    J. Miller, 10/5/20
    The very first night I had my appliance, I slept 8 hours. Before this, I was lucky to get 5-6 hours of sleep. After the first month, I noticed an increase in my energy. I wasn’t getting sleepy in the afternoons anymore. Before, I was falling asleep at work in the afternoon and almost fell off the stool a couple of times. My husband and I ride a motorcycle and before my appliance, I had fallen asleep on the bike. Now I stay awake and enjoy the view, as the passenger. My appliance is easy to wear and clean. As with anything like this, there is an adjustment period, but the results are well worth it. So thankful for Dr. Stopper and the staff at Mountain Town Dental. They are the best!” 
    L. Osborne, 10/26/20
    “I used a CPAP machine for at least 20 years… always having to carry it and set it up when traveling. Using my dental device, I have no need for the CPAP and the device fits in my shaving kit. I also camp a lot and I never carried the CPAP as it needed power. With the dental device, I sleep safely while in the woods.” 
    C. Johnson, 12/8/20
    “Since using my sleep apnea mouth device, I feel well rested and get less headaches now.
     J. Arellano, 12/14/20
    “I just wanted to share my experience after my first night using my sleep appliance. I have to admit I was amazed that it was as  comfortable as it was and how well I slept. I normally wake up  every 30 minutes and I actually slept from 10:30pm to 3am.  Upon waking, I felt totally rested. I couldn’t believe it! I’m very  thankful for Dr. Stopper being so thorough and proactive with  addressing my needs with an obstructed airway. If you currently  have a CPAP machine and you are not using it, this may be the 
    appliance for you!”
    Missy H.
    “After years of snoring and being urged by my family to go to a doctor, I finally went to Mountain Town Dental and had a sleep test. After being fitted with a dental appliance, I sleep without snoring and feel so much better during the day. I have a lot more energy and better health. I wish I had done this years earlier.” -J. Miller, 10/26/20
    “I sleep much better since getting the oral appliance. My only waking times are for the bathroom, and even then, I am able to go right back to sleep. I am more energized during the day and rarely ever have my low-level energy periods. My husband is also thankful for my oral appliance since my snoring has significantly decreased.” 
    R. Allen, 10/1/19
    “My mouth appliance has been wonderful for preventing snoring and helping me get a good night’s sleep. I find it much less intrusive then the CPAP I had been using. Once we travel again, the appliance will be easier to carry along and with no worries about plugging it in. It takes a while to get used to, but after you do, you hardly notice that it’s there. Thanks to Dr. Stopper and team!” 
    D. Devereux, 9/14/20
    “I am so happy with my sleep appliance! I wake up more rested and feel less tired throughout the day. I no longer feel chest pressure and no yawning. I made the right decision to invest in my health.” 
    M. Oliver, 9/22/20
    “My ProSomnus device is incredible. I take it with me wherever I go…even the Appalachian Trail. Since using my device, I experienced renewed energy and a much better quality of sleep and life. My appliance is easy to use and maintain, it is simple. Strongly recommend the ProSomnus device for those with sleep apnea.” -R. Page, 12/7/20
    “I really like my mouthpiece. It has really helped a lot. I feel a lot better. I’m not as tired as I was before. I wake up easy now.” 
    M. Mahaffey, 12/21/20
    See what other Dentists are saying...
    IAA has been a game changer for my team and I! The most challenging part of treating Sleep Apnea patients has been the implementation of all the systems and processes. Dr Emily Stopper and her team have been amazing resources through our process. They have helped me do what I have been wanting to do for a couple years now. I am so glad I found IAA and am excited to be on this new journey in dental sleep medicine.
    Dr Crystel Riggs
    “Dr. Stopper is a consummate professional in treating and teaching sleep apnea. From experienced to the beginner, she is the “gold standard” for teaching you step-by-step on how to incorporate this treatment modality into your practice utilizing a dental team approach. She has a true passion, calling for this subject including a personal story on what ultimately led her to become an industry leader. I can’t praise Dr. Stopper enough, and her teaching has changed the way I look at treating sleep apnea.”
    Dr. Justin Leath
    Dr. Stopper’s Implement Apnea Academy is an awesome course! It’s easy to follow and is a great value. Makes getting started easy. I highly recommend it whether you are just getting started or have taken courses before and just haven’t implemented yet.
    Dr. Annalisa Smith

    It’s not every that day that you sail into a new destination where the wind is blowing in your favor. You will find yourself getting caught up in the cross winds and giving up. Ever since I decided to be a member of Implement Apnea Academy, my boat has always sailed north. This experience is worth sharing.

    My journey began a few years ago. I had a patient with chronic teeth fractures, no matter what solutions were thought of, the crowns on his teeth kept fracturing. During his consultations, one conversation lead to the next, and the more we shared the more signs of sleep disorder breathing We found. This patient has a special place in my heart because his experience resembled that of my father, he had sleep apnea and he passed away due to it. My motivation grew bigger to try and help this patient to honor my father, yet little I knew how to accomplish this goal.

    My experience with Implement Apnea Academy has been remarkable. Dr Emily Stopper not only provides a foundational knowledge and evidence based studies, but also make the necessary tools available for any novice to feel confident in implementing sleep medicine into their dental practice. I have built a sturdy foundation from which I support my sleep practice today, “Just Breath Sleep Dentistry.” I have only known of one academy who offers live tutoring during a full year! And that’s here.

    That one patient who inspired me was a moderate sleep apnea case, my first case, my chiropractor, my friend and my boyfriend. I treated him with Oral appliance therapy and we Continue to share ideas to help even more people abroad. Thank you so much Dr Emily Stopper for being such a great mentor.
    Dr. Monica Varela
    Dr. Stopper’s online self study course is so amazing!!!! It’s perfect as an intro - super in depth and a ton of resources you get access to but it’s also awesome to have even if you have taken a few courses like I have simply for the fact you can use it to train your team easily!! And it’s a good refresher. It’s really a great program that has a ton of value! Well organized and easy to follow modules. And the self study online aspect is what I loved - our lives are so busy sometimes getting away for a 3 day weekend to take a course can seem impossible.
    Dr. Terri Pukanich
    aka The Dental BossLady
    After 41 years of general dentistry, looking for a path to retire from it, and not
    give up patient care, I was fortunate to meet Dr Emily Stopper DDS. Dr Stopper
    has devoted her career in dentistry to treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA),
    and has has attain great respect within that community. She has achieved
    Diplomate status in the AADSM, and started her own academy to help other
    dentist like myself enterer into the discipline of treating patients with OSA. Dr
    Stopper’s desire to help others dentist truly is felt by those of us who have gone
    through her Implement Apnea Academy. Her knowledge of treating OSA patients,
    along with her ability to relate personally with her students, has made her stand
    out among educators in this field, while helping her students shorten the learning
    curve in overcoming the challenges one will face in treating OSA. Dr Stopper
    makes herself available through her Academy (which she developed), hands on
    training in her office, through her weekly zoom calls, and if necessary direct
    personal communication with doctors.
    In my opinion, mentoring is the best way to learn a new discipline, and Dr Stopper
    excels at being a mentor making the adjustment easier and faster. No effort
    worth while is easy. Implement Apnea Academy, along with Dr Stopper’s
    mentorship has made it possible to maximize my efforts and not have to
    “reinvent the wheel” in dealing with, reading and understanding sleep test,
    choosing appliances, dealing with medical insurance, and how to overcome other
    challenges one will face in treating OSA.
    If one is in the last quarter of their dental career, as I, or looking to reduce the
    stresses associated with daily general dentistry, or wish to add another service to
    a growing practice by treating OSA, Implement Apnea Academy, and Dr Emily
    Stopper’s skills will definitely make that transition quicker and easier.
    She is the Best.

    Bennett J Vaculik DDS
    Implement Apnea Academy

    This 12-Module Online Course provides dental professionals a behind-the-scenes, hold-nothing-back playbook on how to introduce a fulfilling and lucrative opportunity into their practice. 
    You’ll learn everything you need to know about sleep apnea, how dangerous it can be, and how today’s solutions (CPAP machines) present numerous problems. You’ll learn how effective sleep apnea solutions are a critical need and why it is an INCREDIBLY VALUABLE service that your patients NEED. 
    The real strength of Implement Apnea Academy is that it gives you and your team all the information you need to successfully implement dental sleep medicine in your practice. Simple step after simple step, you learn the entire process of seamlessly implementing sleep apnea into your practice without sacrificing everything you’re already doing.
    Concerned about attracting the right patients? We teach it to you!
    Worried about insurance claims? We have it covered!
    Want to know how to get a steady stream of your IDEAL patients?  You got it!
    This course will quickly and efficiently bring your dental practice a valuable and appreciated new opportunity. And with 1 in 5 Americans suffering from sleep apnea — and each cases bringing in an average of $3,000 — your newfound earnings (and your free time) can exceed your expectations.
    Who Is Emily Stopper?
    Dr. Emily Stopper — “The Happy Dentist” — is opening other dentists’ eyes to a passive income solution that has patients raving. Her Sleep Apnea Revenue Stream Opportunity attracts new patients, exponentially increases revenue and allows dentists to spend more time with their families.
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    422 E 2nd St, West Jefferson, NC 28694
    email: support@thehappydentist.com
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    Who Is Dr. Emily Stopper?
    Connect With Dr. Stopper on Social Media
    422 E 2nd St, West Jefferson, NC 28694
    Email: emily@thehappydentist.com
    Dr. Emily Stopper — “The Happy Dentist” — is opening other dentists’ eyes to a profitable and fulfilling service that has patients raving. Her Sleep Apnea Revenue Stream Opportunity attracts new patients, exponentially increases revenue and allows dentists to lead more fulfilling lives.
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